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About us

We are Asset Management focused consultants delivering transformation projects. We implement changes, from advisory and design to deployment.



Our Drivers

Through a sound and in depth knowledge we assist our customers in successfully transforming their business.



Our target

Become a leading Asset Management servicing company across Europe


Asset Management

Front to back office




Servicing the industry since 2005

2009 Luxembourg

2010 The Netherlands

2010 France

2017 Restructure activities

2017 Spain

Staff:  +60 Experts

Core competencies


Project Managers

Business Analysis


Application Managers


Strategic partnership



Business Driven Approach

FRONT consultants ensure successful implementation of projects by their high level of expertise and by focusing on delivered quality and on the customer's satisfaction.

Knowledge in the specific business areas as well as consulting methodologies and technical experience are crucial for FRONT's strategy, being both a delivery and growth enabler.

Customers recognise us as experts and deliverers.

Vision and Strategy

Since its creation, FRONT has constantly evolved, building its structure, knowledge, track record as well as establishing a trustful relationship with its customers.

Our strategy is to ensure our business growth by strengthening our Consulting activity, extend our value proposition by leveraging our expertise to provide service-oriented solutions, increase cross-border synergies and attract and retain best talents.

Our offer

Our consultants are driven by a key value: A solid knowledge of the business of our customers, and the way to process it.

We deliver transformation projects and implement the changes, from advisory to deployment.


Mission Statement

FRONT's mission is to manage and implement change.

We deliver added value, high quality consulting and resource deployment services through a combined excellence in business and technology. We strive to continuous improvement and promote career development by working with the highest possible respect for all people.